Track Listing

  • Nostalgia (i) [2:09]
  • The Circle [3:50]
  • Free [4:48]
  • The Argument [3:08]
  • Awakening [4:33]
  • Things Fall Apart [6:08]
  • "Block All Roads" [2:36]
  • Another You [4:17]
  • Nostalgia (ii) [5:17]

About the Album
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"Anatomy of a Coup" is a compulsive and moving world fusion based on a journey through political upheaval in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Read more about the ideas behind the album here (PDF, 0.2 MB)

The second album by guitarist Sacha Silva with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Morgan and vocalist Munya B, the CD is a unique blend of flamenco, Indian classical and modern music, with lyrics sung in Hindi and Bengali.

"Anatomy of a Coup" represents a new kind of world music: one which respects the cultural origins of melodies and rhythms while endlessly combining and recombining them to create new shapes and ideas.

The CD, recorded in southern Spain and the UK, is a bold follow-up to the trio's debut "Susurro", which was given a five-out-of-five "Editor's Pick" rating by CDBaby (who called it "jaw-dropping", "unforgettable", "stunning" and "captivating") and was featured on radio shows throughout the US and Europe (including BBC radio).

Album Credits
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Sacha Silva: guitar
Andrew Morgan: cello, percussion
Munya B: vocals
Benjamin Salmon & Rohin Khemani: percussion on "The Circle" Saleta Suarez Ogando: flute on "Free" and "Things Fall Apart" Adrian Greene: recitation on "Things Fall Apart"

Music by Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan
Lyrics/vocal arrangements by Sacha Silva and Munya Bandyopadhyay
except: "Nostalgia" and "The Circle" inspired by traditional flamenco poetry; "Awakening" based on "News" by Sukanta Bhattacharya; "Another You" based on "La Soleá" by Federico Garcia Lorca

"Nostalgia" and "Things Fall Apart": Audio samples of Fiji coup courtesy of Naziah.
"Free": audio sample of Passover revival in Pushkar (India) courtesy of Munya.
"Things Fall Apart": The words from The Second Coming are set to music by permission of A P Watt Ltd on behalf of Michael B Yeats.
"The Argument": Left channel: Osvaldo Paya Sardinas, Cuban dissident and co-founder of the Varela Project, speaking at the National Democratic Institute, Washington D.C., September 2002. Audio sample used with permission of the National Democratic Institute. Right channel: Fidel Castro reading Che Guevara's farewell letter, Havana, Cuba, April 1965.
"Block All Roads": Radio Free Grenada broadcast of US invasion of Grenada, October 25, 1983.

Thanks to the Hatch family for their hospitality; Hugh for his enthusiasm and the barley cups; Ben, Rohin, Saleta and Adrian for their musical and lyrical gifts; Tonika and Naziah for being the perfect accomplices; Premansu Bandyopadhyay, Ravi Andrews and Sanjay and Leena Bhatia for their help with the translations... and special thanks to Roman Grynberg for his support and guidance.

For Drew and Munya
For my family, my friends, and for Cristina

Pre-production at Calle Noray, Malaga, Spain
Recorded and mixed during Winter 2006/7 at The Hatch Studios, Worcestershire, UK
Engineered by Hugh Fielding
Produced by Andrew Morgan
Graphic design by GraphicNomad

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