Track Listing

  • The Song of Fear and Love [4:44]
  • The Atheist Song [5:03]
  • The Charukeshi Song [5:11]
  • The Song of Separation [4:35]
  • The Blood Song [4:35]
  • The Pentecost Song [3:48]
  • The Percussion Song (Matsya) [3:39]
  • The Song of the Way (Mawate Gite) [3:24]
  • The Shipwreck Song [4:47]
  • The Last Song (Shri) [4:28]

About the Album
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"Pentecost" is the third album from Sacha Silva, packaged in a limited-edition, large-format, never-before-seen raw canvas cloth artwork specially designed for the band by GraphicNomad.

Sacha Silva's critically acclaimed blend of Spanish, Indian and modern classical music grows from his double life as a guitarist-composer and globe-trotting development economist. Together with singer Munya B, cellist/composer Drew Morgan, flautist Eliza Marshall and percussionist Rohin Khemani, the band creates a new kind of world music: a bold, energetic and acoustic mix that speaks to a new generation of global wanderers, travelers, immigrants, expats and half-breeds.

The band's bold and remarkable sound quickly garnered rave reviews throughout the world music community right from their debut CD "Susurro", which was called "unforgettable, passionate and startling [with] jaw-dropping beauty and sophistication" by in a five star "Editor's Pick" review.

Critics and DJs on four continents called their second CD Anatomy of a Coup an "audacious [and] impressionistic recording that gives music the last say" (Rootsworld magazine) and "a beautiful album [that] celebrates the resilience of the human spirit... Sacha Silva joins a very special group of musicians like Nitin Sawhney [and] Rupa and the April Fishes, who marry masterful musicianship with insightful examinations of the human condition." (SAMAR Magazine).

Album Credits
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Sacha Silva: guitar, percussion
Munya B: vocals
Andrew Morgan: cello
Elliott Green: cello
Rohin Khemani: percussion
Eliza Marshall: flute

Music by Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan
Lyrics/vocal arrangements by Sacha Silva and Munya Bandyopadhyay
Except: "Mawate Gite" (traditional Sri Lanka, lyrics translated by Milton Silva) and "The Pentecost Song" (based on the traditional Bulgarian folk song 'Hubava Si, Moya Goro', lyrics translated by Antoanetta Dertlieva)

To our families, friends and fans
To Cris

This CD was recorded during Summer 2009 in London, UK by Andrew Morgan at The Hatch Studios, Worcestershire, UK (engineered by Hugh Fielding), and mixed/mastered at NDP Studios (Bristol, UK) in December 2010. Graphic design was done by Sebastian Bravo Guerrero, based on a concept developed by Sacha Silva and Sebastian Bravo Guerrero.

All songs (c) 2010 Migrant Worker Records.

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