Track Listing

  • Sol y Luna [4:31]
  • Gujarati Harvest Song [4:12]
  • Susurro Part I (Lullaby) [6:03]
  • Susurro Part II (Silencio) [6:47]
  • Susurro Part III (Wedding Song) [3:28]
  • Sun Still Below the Horizon [5:18]
  • Epilogue [5:09]

About the Album
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We see with a global eye, we feel with a global skin, we hear with a global ear.

We travel, we hear new melodies and strange rhythms, we sense other ways of thinking: nothing is foreign anymore. we step outside of the air-conditioned hotel; wandering into the back-alleys of the first, second and third worlds; stumbling upon a thousand culture clashes.

We hear with a global ear.

One that believes in combining traditional, undiluted musical forms - rhythms, structures, melodies - to create something new, something passionate, something 'catchy', 'funky' and even beautiful; without the usual safety nets for the western ear. we've travelled enough, we've heard enough, we don't need them anymore.

One that knows that no single musical form can capture every possible emotion: strength, passion, sadness, joy, longing: but that music derives from a single source: creative expression shaped by tradition.

Traditions to bend and shape, each strand intact but weaving new colours, new images, and new sounds.

Album Credits
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Sacha Silva: guitar, percussion
Andrew Morgan: cello, percussion
Munya B: vocals

Music by Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan
Lyrics/vocal arrangements by Sacha Silva and Munya Bandyopadhyay
except: "Sol y Luna" (lyrics from "Cancion" by Federico Garcia Lorca, translated into Hindi by Sanjay and Leena Bhatia); "Gujarati Harvest Song" (lyrics and melody traditional + arrangement by Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan; "Susurro Part I" (lyrics by Sacha Silva and Kumar Aniket); "Epilogue" (excerpt from "Vaishanva Janto, traditional)

Thanks to Munya Bandyopadhyay, for her gorgeous voice and constant support; to Andrew Morgan, for his unflagging good spirit and extraordinary musical mind; to the Bandyopadhyay family, Tatiana Zamarron, Belin Beltra and Adam Jonas for refuge and sustenance; and to Dominic Scott and Salim Loxley for emergency tech support.

This CD was recorded, mixed & mastered during spring 2004 in London, UK by Andrew Morgan and produced by Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan. All songs (c) Sacha Silva 2004 except 'Silencio' and 'Sun Still Below the Horizon; (c) Sacha Silva and Andrew Morgan 2004.

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